Stora Enso: pulping old-growth forests - old-growth forest wood route documented by Greenpeace, 10 January, 2007

Finnish government forestry enterprise Metsähallitus is supplying Stora Enso´s Kemijärvi pulp mill with wood from old-growth forests of Forest Lapland.

Pulp from Kemijärvi is used in Stora Enso´s Veitsiluoto paper mill, where the old-growth forest is processed into magazine papers, envelopes and copy paper. Learn more about Stora Enso´s old-growth forest destruction brands: Nova Press printing papers, Nova Press Silk magazine papers, Berga copy papers.

Photo 1. Old-growth forest in Jooseppitunturi, photographed during the surveys of threatened species and other ecological values in 2004. The area hosts over 180 red-listes species.
Photo 2. Clearcut by governmental Metsähallitus in Jooseppitunturi, December 2006.
Photo 3. Metsähallitus truck loading old-growth forest wood in Jooseppitunturi 10 January, 2007, 11.02 am
Photo 4. The same truck in the crossroad leading to Stora Enso pulp mill in Kemijärvi, 10 January, 2007, 15.22 pm
Photo 5. The truck transporting old-growth wood entering Stora Enso Kemijärvi pulp mill, January 10, 2007, 15.26 pm
Photo 6. Empty Metsähallitus truck leaving pulp mill, January 10, 15.48 pm