Threatened old-growth forests of Forest Lapland 
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Threatened large intact old-growth forests in Finnish Forest Lapland - ongoing logging by governmental Metsahallitus for Stora Enso

In May 2006 major Finnish NGOs published a report describing the biggest old-growth forests outside of protected areas in Northern Finland, in the region of Forest Lapland south of the Saami homeland.

In September 2006, Finnish government endorsed the international Countdown 2010 -initiative to halt the loss of biodiversity.

In December 2006, The Finnish state via its logging company Metsähallitus started destroying old-growth forests in Forest Lapland. This is happening despite of the fact that Finland has committed to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010.

During January-March 2007 the logging in intact old-growth forests in Finland went on. Forestry giants Stora Enso and Botnia (part of M-Real and UPM) bought the wood from old-growth forest destruction. They process the habitats of red-listed species into magazine papers, copy papers and cardboard packages for European market.

Logging was halted in the end of March. On October 2007, logging was restarted. The forest industry has decided to continue buying from the Finnish old-growth forests. According to 257 Finnish scientists and researchers ”…present and intended loggings in forested Lapland (e.g. Pokka-Pulju and Peurakaira in Sodankylä …) are unsustainable and in obvious conflict with the biological diversity conservation agreements to which Finland is committed.”


Trees born in 1660 and 1707 felled in loggings ordered by Stora Enso 26.2.2009
Clearcutting in Jooseppitunturi Old-growth forests before and after the logging 26.1.2009
--> Clearcutting in Moukavaara Old-growth forests destroyed for Stora Enso. 27.1.2009

--> Greenpeace Press Release 1.4.2009 Proposal in Stora Enso's Annual General Meeting to stop old-growth forest destruction
--> Greenpeace Press Release 27.1.2009 Old Growth Forest Logging Resumed in Lapland
--> Video: logging in Forest Lapland 5.2.2009

Clearcutting threatening Turjalaiset-Ahmatunturi Old-growth forests marked for logging in area number 6, Turjalaiset-Ahmatunturi. 8.2.2008

Photos from the logged areas Old-growth forests before and after the logging.
Updated with Pokka-Pulju 1.11.2007

Researchers appeal 16.2.2007 Scientific support for preservation of natural forests: 255 Finnish top scientists appeal to the Ministry of Forestry to stop logging in natural forests. Read more.

Press releases
--> Greenpeace 22.3.2007 Greenpeace demonstration in Stora Enso and Botnia mills
--> Greenpeace 12.3.2007 Stora Enso guilty of destroying ancient forests in Finland
--> Greenpeace and Nature League 22.2.2007 New species found from Finnish old-growth forests
--> NGOs joint release 12.12.2006: Endangered habitats being destroyed in Finland

--> WWF Forest and Trade Network in UK recommends that HCVF-wood from Forest Lapland is kept out of supply chain 14.2.2007

See photo galleries and maps
from old-growth forests area by area

1. Surroundings of Raakevuoma, Kittilä
2. Forests of Pokka-Pulju, Kittilä
3. Peurakaira-Katramorosto, Sodankylä
4. Forests around Painopää, Sodankylä-Savukoski
5. Jooseppitunturi, Savukoski
6. Turjalaiset-Ahmatunturi, Savukoski-Salla
7. Isoselkä-Saihonmurusta, Savukoski
8. Moukavaara, Salla

Map of Finland: Forest Lapland region
Threatened old-growth forests of Forest Lapland