Threatened old-growth forests of Forest Lapland

Logging in large intact old-growth forests in Finnish Lapland, in the region of Forest Lapland 

Finnish government destroying the biodiversity by logging old-growth forests - logging in Forest Lapland 2006-2009

Botnia pulp mill in Kemi is one of the recipients of old-growth forest wood
Botnia and M-Real are pulping old-growth forests
Demonstration at Stora Enso Helsinki headquarters, March 2007
Pokka-Pulju wilderness old-growth forest marked for logging for Botnia pulp mill Forest in natural state in Peurakaira wilderness, marked for logging for Stora Enso Aerial view on industrial logging in Northern Finland.  Savukoski 2007
Trucks loading old-growth forest in Painopää, Savukoski-Sodankylä Dec 2006
Piles of timber in Jooseppitunturi, Savukoski Dec 2006 Clearcut in Painopää, Savukoski-Sodankylä Dec 2006

Photographs in this page: logging and logging plans in Forest Lapland´s old-growth forests in Northern Finland, December 2006- January 2009.

Photos have been taken in the old-growth forest logging sites of the Finnish government's forestry enterprise Metsähallitus.

Click the photos above for bigger images. Click the galleries on the right to see more photos from the planned and executed old-growth forest destruction, listed area by area. Names refer to areas listed in "Unprotected wilderness forests in Forest Lapland".

PHOTOS Old-growth forests before and after logging

-> Jooseppitunturi January 2009

-> Pokka-Pulju
Feb 2008
-> Turjalaiset Feb 2008
-> Turjalaiset Feb 2007
-> Pokka-Pulju March 2007

-> Jooseppitunturi 1
-> Jooseppitunturi 2
-> Kieltanpalo (Painopää)
-> Löytinkivaara (Painopää)

-> Photo report, January 2007: Wood route from old-growth forest to Stora Enso mill 
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, Finnish Nature League & Finnish Association for Nature Conservation 2006-2009

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