Threatened old-growth forests of Forest Lapland

Jooseppitunturi, Savukoski
Talluskotavaara, gallery 3

Logging in Intact Forest Landscape for Stora Enso

Before the logging (2004) and after the clearcut (2009)

Old-growth forests of Jooseppitunturi hosted over 180 occurrences of red-listed species. Metsähallitus has already logged in the area twice, in 2006-2007. Most recent clearcutting in the area started in January of 2009.

Wood from this logging operation is most likely used in Stora Enso´s Veitsiluoto paper mill, where the old-growth forest is processed into printing and copy papers. Stora Enso´s old-growth forest destruction brands from Veitsiluoto: Nova Press printing papers, Nova Press Silk magazine papers, Berga copy papers.

Intact Forest Landscape. Part of Jooseppitunturi area is included in the global Intact Forest Landscape- maps published by Greenpeace in 2006. This is now being clearcut.

Before, 2004

After, 2009
Clearcut in Intact old-growth forest for StoraEnso
Destroyed for Stora Enso publishing papers
Old-growth forest for Stora Enso
Ancient wood for Stora Enso paper production
Hundreds of years old trees for Stora Enso

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