Threatened old-growth forests of Forest Lapland

Painopää, Savukoski

Before the logging (2004) and after the clearcut (2006)

Finnish forests and forestry in 2007: Clearcutting in old-growth forests. Old-growth forests of Painopää hosted over 300 occurrences of red-listed species. Clearcutting in area started in November of 2006. Clearcuts have been extended to high-altitude forests, where the regeneration of forests after logging is uncertain. Clearcuts have been done even in areas over 350 meters above the sea level.

Stora Enso is the biggest customer of Finnish governmental forestry enterprise Metsähallitus. In January 2007 a Metsähallitus truck carrying old-growth forest wood from the nearby similar logging sites in Jooseppitunturi was followed to Stora Enso pulp mill in Kemijärvi. Pulp from Kemijärvi is used in Stora Enso´s Veitsiluoto paper mill, where the old-growth forest is processed into magazine papers, envelopes and copy paper. Learn more about Stora Enso´s old-growth forest destruction brands: Nova Press printing papers, Nova Press Silk magazine papers, Berga copy papers.

Before, 2004

After, 2006
Intact old-growth forest in Painopää, Finnish Lapland. Photo (c) Olli Manninen 2004
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